VirtualBox on Windows 7 as a Development Server

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A lady clicking on a virtual graph image.Virtualization has a ton of uses in today’s programming and development world, from being able to test on many different operating systems without having to format or partition your host computer to running server setups with ease. I have recently converted over to Windows 7 from Ubuntu with the purchase of a new laptop, given how many hacks it took to get my new laptop working on Ubuntu. This had me thinking, since I really do not care for the WAMP install set, and prefer a LAMP stack for my development server, how can I get the LAMP inside of Windows 7.

Finally it dawned me, VirtualBox! VirtualBox is a free Virtual Machine software which allows a user to setup and install practically any Operating System available, I say practically, as Mac OSX is not officially supported. Granted it is do-able with a nice hacking trick the Hackintosh ISO by iDeneb. But for our purposes we will just be using a Debian based install, you can feel free to substitute Debian with whatever your flavor of linux is, just remember that you will need to replace a few items in the tutorial, as ArchLinux does not have aptitude, so you would need to substitute that for pacman, etc. I will not go into detail for other Distros, but when it gets to that point, feel free to write a comment about the right commands for that version. With all the said, let’s get to it!

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