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Simple SQL Search Using PHP and MySQL

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by Frost

Often I see many posts about how to do a simple SQL search. Well I finally caved in and decided to write a tutorial just for that. I will try and explain everything in as much detail as I can without being over wordy. This is a basic search, nothing more. If you want a more advanced search I would suggest using Google or hiring someone to code it for you.The aim of this tutorial is to provide users with a basic layout and the logic behind creating a multiple field search in MySQL. As often time users tend to over do the search and add a lot of unnecessary code. By following and understanding this tutorial you should be able to implement this search into your own site and provide a nice and simple SQL Search of your own database. So roll up your sleeves and be prepared to get dirty.

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  • CJ

    Hi I’m building a magazine database for my work and found this tutorial really helpful, is there any way you could add pagination to it and only show a few records at a time.

  • Phin

    Hi there.

    Thanks a lot for your effective search engine. I appreciate your hard work. I was wondering if you could tell me how i would hyper link the title, display only a portion of the contents and then click and follow link for more details of the content to a separate page. Just like google style please?


  • RahmanAulia

    Hi Frost,
    How to add multiple table to the code?

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