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Setting Up ICS in Windows XP

by Frost

Recently I have found a need to setup an ICS (Internet Connection Sharing) system for personal uses. Doing so was actually really simple and so I decided to post a guide just to help anyone who is timid about setting up their own personal network with internet to be ready to take it on in full! All you will need is at least 2 computers (only 1 needs XP on it), a hub, an internet connection and a willingness to try!

The ICS Setup in XP
Before we dive into the ICS setup in XP let’s do a few check lists items. First of all make sure you have a hub for a Cross-over Ethernet wire (to directly connect computer to computer). If you have a hub, make sure the cross-over setting is turned off (as depending on your NIC, it should not be on). On the XP Machine, I would make sure the Windows Firewall is on, as you want some type of filter for your network to prevent bad stuff from getting through. As a side note, if you are worried about network security I would suggest investing in a HUB. Now that you have your setup (and network wires). It is time to connect them all together. I should note, if you have a DSL / Cable connection that comes in over the NIC you will need another NIC or Wireless card to allow connections from the other computers to the host computer (or connect the modem with USB if available). As this can only be done with more than one type of network card (one for the incoming connection the other for the LAN connection).

The Actual ICS in XP
Now that we know we have the correct ha dware to do ICS in XP we simply have to right click on the connection in Network Connections find your internet connection card and right click on it then go to Properties. Under the Advanced Tab there should be a simple check box to “Share this Internet Connection” Check that and viola your connection is now shared. You should now be able to go on to one of the computers you connected to the HUB or directly with a cross-over ethernet wire and test the connection (you may have to disable / re-enable the connection) and should be able to get to the internet.

Ending Notes
Sharing an internet connection without a router using a Windows XP box is very easy and simple. Doing this method may not be as reliable or secure as using a Router, but is a cheap and easy method to share an Internet Connection among multiple computers! You can even use the same scheme to setup a wireless network, except instead of using a Land line card for serving the other computers you would use a wireless card and set it up as an Access Point.

Either way, hopefully that helps you out to setup a connection that is easy for personal use where security may not be a huge concern!

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