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Sansa Clip 8GB MP3 Player Review

by Frost


Looking for a decent MP3 player that is just plug and play (meaning you do not have to have the software to put music on the mp3 player) has been a difficult chore.

It seems now a days that companies want you to have their bloated software on your computer to manage your media library. I have always hated having to do that, what if you wanted to grab some music from a friend’s computer? Too bad, your device is not setup for that computer and doing so will wipe it. Well if you are sick of this and just want a great MP3 Player that plays music with decent quality and is plug and play with no software look no further than the Sansa Clip.


The Sansa Clip MP3 Player comes with more features then just the “plug and play” to add music from Windows Explorer without the need for their software feature. The Sansa Clip, from Windows, has the ability to generate play lists from you by placing files into folders and generating them. This is extremely handy, especially if you sort your music into genre / mood folders. You are able to delete any song from the MP3 player, can add music to a “ToGo Play List”, resume Audio Books from where you left off (even if you listen to your music) and listen to the Radio. Perhaps the best feature about the Sansa Clip is the size. For 8GB the Sansa Clip is a very small size and is easy to take to work out (unlike a bulky iPod or Zune).


There are not many Cons about the Sansa 8GB MP3 Player, but there are a few, such as the inability to listen to music from it while the Sansa Clip is plugged into the computer. If the Sansa Clip is plugged into the wall, you can still listen to music, so the computer is really only a slight down fall (so long as you have a power supply for the Sansa Clip which is generic). Really that is the only issue / con I have found with the Sansa 8GB Clip.

Ending Notes

All in all I love my Sansa 8GB Clip MP3 Player as it is simple, easy to use and does not require the bulky software that other MP3 players do. If all you want is a simple MP3 player that has a decent amount of storage (maybe not your whole library) for a decent price, then I would suggest you look into the Sansa 8GB Clip MP3 Player, as I was not disappointed with this purchase and have been extremely happy with the Sansa Clip MP3 player.

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