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Dealing with code a lot and online help I tend to use Pastebin like services all the time. I have recently stumbled upon a rare gem called seems to allow a lot of control over your pastes (including encryption) as well as API setup without any type of monetary value or advertising (unlike the alternative, pastebin). is one of those service you are glad to stumble upon and hope that they stick to their ropes for the rest of their life span. With a very clean and simple to use interface, I can see going a long ways, as long as they keep regular updates to improve the system and listen to the users feedback.

Personally, I have already submited a number of issues and feature I would like to see on Perhaps the biggest feature I would love to see is deletion by API Key / Account. I prefer to have full control over my pastes, even if there is no recent public list yet. However, I am the type who likes to keep my accounts clean as possible and being able to remove old entries that are no longer valid will help with that. does allow you to specify an expires time, but sometimes an item slips and you forget to set that time. In these cases, it would be nice to have a delete option. As well as the delete option, I have mentioned there being a title in the paste view page. This will help keep tabs inline with anyone who is like me and has tons of tabs open at once. Those were probably the major issues and I did receive a response that they will entertain the idea. Along side that, there is a new version going to be rolled out using the PHP Laravel framework, which I have heard loads of good reviews about. Maybe one of these days I will start the tutorial and write a blog about. Either or, if you are looking for a clean site to paste snippets of code or text to, I would highly suggest trying out, it can only get better.

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