How To: Join / Combine MP3’s for Free on Windows

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by Frost

Recently I had a need to combine multiple MP3 files into one. Looking at the many different MP3 Joiner / combiners I found most of them to be bulky and just not what I was looking for in an MP3 Joiner / Combiner.

After doing some digging into the Windows Command Line I came across a flag for a common function, “Copy” that intrigued me. After reading up on the flag of the Copy command in Windows I decided to give it a try with some tests. Where this came about was I copied some Books on CD to my harddrive a while ago (and the CD’s have long since been scratched beyond fixing) so now I have about 15 files per chapter for 30 chapters. I would rather combine them into 30 MP3 files instead of the massive amount of files. Well let’s take a look at the results of my findings!

/B Flag for Copy Function in Windows
The copy command in Windows has a flag that is /B, which is used for binary copying. Intrigued by this feature I pulled to random MP3 files into a new folder to do some testing, as I have previous used copy functions to combined some text files, I figured why not? It should work the same with the binary files, as that is what MP3’s are. My first test, as said, was very basic and simple:

copy /B mp3_1.mp3 mp3_2.mp3 mp3_12_combined.mp3

Which in return provided me with a joined mp3 1 and 2 file. Such a simple command to join MP3’s.

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  • John Fornes

    I can’t get copy to run on Windows 7.

  • frost110

    @John Fornes: I just tested copy on Windows 7 Professional, although it should work fine on home. In order to run copy, I clicked the Start -> Run -> cmd and typed copy /? which shows the copy parameters. It should list /B in there, if not let me know.

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