How To: Join / Combine MP3’s for Free Using Linux and Cat

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by Frost

I decided to create a tutorial for combining / joining MP3s on Linux for Free as well. Although the process is slightly different it is still the same process, so let’s get to it. This is in reference to How To: Join / Combine MP3’s for Free on Windows

Initial Steps
First up we will use the Cat command to combine files, this is highly useful for combining text file, but will also combine binary files flawlessly. Before we plunge head first into combining MP3’s we need to first remove any ID3 tag information from the files. In order to do this I installed a program called “eyeD3” on my Ubuntu system through Synaptic Package Manager. The command for eyeD3 to remove all tags is as follows:

eyeD3 --remove-all /path/to/mp3-files/*

This will remove all versions of ID3 tags on any MP3 in the directory pointed to. Doing this will prevent some MP3 players from acting weirdly (such as skipping over parts of the joined MP3). Now that we have our files setup, time to combine the files.

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