Hacking is a coined term used today to define a malicious act by people who intentionally break or break into systems. However, I view hacking as a way to learn more about computers in any aspect. Whether you prefer to hack scripts, servers, hardware, systems, desktops, laptops, touchpads or phones, the art of messing with them is hacking. Unfortunately, the use of the word hacking is often used in a negative way. I want to help change this image and give hacking a good name. By modifying, or hacking, different scripts, setups and my own type of hardware and posting the information on Slunked, I hope to give people a new definition to the meaning of hacking.

For all intense purposes, Slunked Hacking Tricks & Tech Stuff is not about the bad hacking or “Blackhat” type hacking. Slunked is directed towards the traditional sense of hacking, where a hacker meant they reworked hardware to meet their goal and are eager to learn by pulling different pieces out and trying alternate methods and approaches to solve a problem. I encourage the use of my scripts in an educational and non-damaging way. Let’s stop with giving “hacking” a bad reputation and label! Let us show the general public and the Media that hacking is a good learning process and is not always a negative term.

One final remark, if you do decide to reference any of my content, you are free to do so as long as you link back to that content (or content page). I put a lot of effort into my content on Slunked with a lot of time spent testing, debugging and looking over the process and the article itself. Much appreciated and enjoy Slunked, the place for Hacking Tricks and other Tech Stuff!