Hacking NGINX and PHP-FPM Running Debian

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A guy trying to get NGINX / PHP-FPM working

Keeping logs is a part of system administration. For me, I keep my logs of items I have installed in my articles. This way I always have the instructions to reference when I need to look back and do other installs. Today I am writing about how to setup NGINX that uses PHP-FPM on Debian. This can be a faster alternative to FastCGI in that you set the number of instances it will always run and the max that PHP-FPM is allowed to run. PHP-FPM allows for more control making a PHP server lighter weight when the extra weight is not necessary.

First up add we will need to add the Dotdeb.org Repository to the Debian installation. Once it has been added perform the following actions:

apt-get update
apt-get install nginx php-fpm

This will install NGINX and PHP-FPM with their default setting. The install may ask you to override the php.ini, if you had changed the php.ini this will wipe out any changes you may have done, so backup your original php.ini or do not override it.

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