Fantom 2TB External Green Harddrive Review

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Fantom 2TB Green External HarddriveStorage is something everybody needs. Whether you prefer pictures, movies, music or raw data, storage is invaluable. My needs were neither of those, I was in need of a concrete backup drive for computer images. With the backup data ranging from 60-250GB, a 2 Terabyte drive seemed suitable.

Upon search for drives with my search tricks and performing cost like analysis, I came across the 2 Terabyte Green External Fantom drive and decided to give the Fantom drive a whirl.

In the past I have purchased other Fantom Drives, although my last Fantom External drive purchase was a 500GB drive, which after hacking the 500GB drive a bit, the drive died on me. This is what brings us to the 2 Terabyte version of the Fantom drive. I was pleased with my 500GB drive and decided to try them out again.

To date the 2TB Fantom drive is holding up well, I do have a few beefs with Fantom externals in general, however, I cannot complain about the performance. The drive writes as fast as my other 2TB drives, the heat is minimal as well. The closure may be a bit clunky, but what 3.5″ drive enclosure is not? Well let’s get back to my issue with Fantom drives in general.

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