Trick to Take Flash Screenshots on Headless Linux

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Along with the Slunked blog site I also run a Flash Game site, Recently I have been wanting to hack the code a little to provide a screenshot of each game. Unfortunately, all of my servers are linux based and have no monitor attached (headless). I began thinking a little bit outside of the box and came up with a trick to capture a flash game screenshot (should also capture with or without in-game ads) on a 256MB VPS server I run. The script is very lightweight, and easy to setup for automation with with a cron jobs. I find that the screenshots for the Games to be of decent quality, especially for something that takes a small amount of time and effort to setup.… Read More

Root and Wireless Tether the HTC EVO 4G Device

I just bought my new HTC EVO 4g after doing my research and waiting for a week for the backorders to clear up. Well I finally received my HTC EVO 4g and was going to start off with it by Wireless Tethering. Well following my original instructions, Free Wireless Tethering (HotSpot), yielded now results due to an OTA update that ships with the newest EVO's. Well I set out to find a new method to Root my EVO 4g and to my delight I found it! And my success would not have been remotely possible without the help from the XDA Developer Forums and particularly the thread by jiqqaman titled SimpleRoot .1 ---- 3 Click Root w/ nand unlock!!, which unfortunately, I found out was not the right thread for the newest OTA. For the newest OTA, this thread, SimpleRoot OTA 1.47.651.1 Edition, is the correct one and I will upload the files to my site for the first 400 downloads, from the OTA 1.47 thread to show my support and appreciation.