Pastebin like Service:

Dealing with code a lot and online help I tend to use Pastebin like services all the time. I have recently stumbled upon a rare gem called seems to allow a lot of control over your pastes (including encryption) as well as API setup without any type of monetary value or advertising (unlike the alternative, pastebin). is one of those service you are glad to stumble upon and hope that they stick to their ropes for the rest of their life span. With a very clean and simple to use interface, I can see going a long ways, as long as they keep regular updates to improve the system and listen to the users feedback.… Read More

Setting Up ICS in Windows XP

Recently I have found a need to setup an ICS (Internet Connection Sharing) system for personal uses. Doing so was actually really simple and so I decided to post a guide just to help anyone who is timid about setting up their own personal network with internet to be ready to take it on in full! All you will need is at least 2 computers (only 1 needs XP on it), a hub, an internet connection and a willingness to try!

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