Free File Recovery Software by Piriform’s – Recuva

Recently I had a pretty massive fiasco at work which nearly gave me a heart attack. Apparently one of the harddrives in our Network File Server decided to give out and the backups I had been doing stopped working (have not ran for a month or two) due to a Windows Patch...

How To: Join / Combine MP3’s for Free Using Linux and Cat

In reference to How To: Join / Combine MP3’s for Free on Windows, I decided to create a tutorial for combining / joining MP3s on Linux for Free as well. I will show you how to combine / join MP3's on Linux with the CAT command as well as provide a function in PHP to combine and join MP3's...

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Setting Up ICS in Windows XP

Recently I have found a need to setup an ICS (Internet Connection Sharing) system for personal uses. Doing so was actually really simple and so I decided to post a guide just to help anyone who is timid about setting up their own personal network with internet to be ready to take it on in full! All you will need is at least 2 computers (only 1 needs XP on it), a hub, an internet connection and a willingness to try!

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